Launch Your Trading Profits Into Orbit.

Can you grow a smaller account into something big in 2012?

Have you ever wanted to take a small trading account and finally turn it into something big? Or take whatever trading account you have right now – no matter what size – and trade for a living from that?

How can you tear down the obstacles that are standing in your way? How can you make 2012 the year that you finally stop learning and start profiting? 

Maybe you have a few thousand dollars in your trading account. Maybe you have more than that. Maybe you’ve been trading for the last 10 years. Maybe you can’t remember how long you have been trading because it is all one big blur. No matter what, there is an opportunity waiting for you – something that can help you generate more profit from less investment. Something I’ve been meaning to share with more people but it just wasn’t ready yet. Until now. It’s ready.

Right now you can double or triple your profits – or even better. You can do that right now. And I’m going to tell you how you can do it without any risk. All the risk will be on me (where it should be). Could I take a moment of your time and share with you a few secrets that have worked for me and thousands of other traders?

"Holy Crap! I figured it out!"

The inside trick that 99% of traders never learn

Every day, a trader somewhere in the world quits. He just gives up. And guess what? Every day, somewhere in the world, a different trader says, “Holy CRAP. I get it. I now understand what I need to do.” It’s usually something simple, powerful, and game-changing. And it makes all the difference.

Then you start winning and then you never stop.

Let me repeat that: I want you to start winning, and never stop.

If you trade futures, or stocks, or forex, then I want to uncover something unique for you.


2012 can be, and SHOULD be, the year when you start riding your winning trades into orbit. It can be the year that you have a breakthrough. Did you know that most traders make a quantum, giant leap when they finally transition into trading for a living? That GIANT LEAP is exactly what 2012 is all about for you. It’s time to do that. No more wasting time trying to “figure it out.” It’s time to just make a difference now, rather than later.

I have an idea about how we can make that happen. I can share with you that trick to making the giant leap forward. Let’s not waste any time…


I was the crappiest trader in the entire world

That’s me. I drew on my photo so you’d know I don’t take myself too seriously.

In 2000, I was the worst trader of all time. I sold when I should have bought, I closed my winning trades early and let my losing trades keep going until I could feel the market kicking me in the crotch.

I considered quitting about 2,000 times every day.

But I wanted to trade. That’s all I wanted. So I kept going. Today I have written 6 books on trading, manage family and personal money successfully, and I’ve been lucky enough to travel around the world, and do some things I really wanted to do.

More important, I’ve met some of the greatest traders in the world. One guy traded out of a mobile home in the hills of Arkansas. One woman juggles her busy life as a single mother with full time work and trading. Most people are regular folks just like you and I. They just want a better life for themselves. They want to get off the hamster-wheel of life. They don’t want to depend on some company or anyone else for their financial security.

I just told you all that because I want you to know I understand what it’s like to want more than anything in the world to have your full time job be trading. I get it. I have been there. And in order to get there, you have to obliterate all of the obstacles standing in your way.

Let’s give your trading account some
crack steroid profit injections

I built a brand new technique for trading any financial instrument – stocks, futures, or forex (even options) that smashes anything standing in your way to trading success. I have been interviewing successful traders for 10 years now. I took the gems, the nuggets of gold from what they said, and over the last four months built a technique that delivers those tricks, secrets and strategies to you.

When I finished building it, I thought, “Well how the crap am I going to teach anyone all of this?”  I could just throw up some video and ask you to watch it. Or write a book. But you and I know that you’d have questions, you’d want to dive deeper into the material.

So I did something that no one else has ever done. I built a 365-day training program that makes it easier than ever before to learn what the best traders do, what I do, and keeps you on track – and puts all the risk on me instead of you. I built an entire training program, and here are the most EXCITING benefits that you’ll receive:

  • 50 live webinars in 2012These webinars teach you a hell of a lot about psychology, the most important reason most traders fail. Did you see that I said 50 live webinars? Holy sh#@t, that’s a lot of webinars. You’ll get training and instructions STRAIGHT FROM ME, at least 50 times, and I’m going to rock your world. This isn’t stuff you hear other places. This is the stuff that turns you into a confident trader. The webinars aren’t just about psychology, though. I’ll teach you trading methods you can’t learn anywhere else. And risk management for your small account that jacks it up on steroids. Your trading account will be banned for life from the Olympics. But also I’ll give you this:
  • A Trading Method on Crack Steroid Growth Hormone – I’ve prepared a complete course – lessons, guides, manuals, videos – everything you need – to learn how to take what you already know about trading, and to light it up with gasoline. Whatever you do right now – trendlines, moving averages, and with currencies, or stocks, or futures – I am going to teach you in 25 lessons exactly how to put that shit on turbo-boost. These lessons are available right now, and you can start using the techniques in the next 10 minutes. But that’s not all. I want you to get the support you need to implement the system to make money. So here’s what I’m also giving you:
  • Access to an exclusive, elite group of traders – You never have to trade alone again. You can have the confidence that comes from planning and taking trades together with other successful traders – many of which have already completed the training and are ready to help, answer questions, and guide you toward winning trades. You’ll trade with us, stay in touch with us, and there is nothing like feeling like you have a group of friends to back you up in this business.

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How can you give your account a GIANT BOOST in 2012? 

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Grab a seat in the course right now

Or keep reading below…

“The reason this program works is because it’s not based on hope, or guessing. It’s a systematic, tested way to trade the markets, and then it backs up the knowledge with the support to make money from what you learn. It’s an unbeatable combination.” – Scott Welsh

What Will You Do With 50+ Hours
with a Professional Trader? (Nothing kinky, please)

I’m going to spend at least 50 hours in live webinar presentations with you in 2012. What could you do with that kind of personal training? Here are just some of the things that can happen:

  • You’re going to learn from watching me take trades in my own account.
  • You’re going to watch other expert traders and copy the best of what they do.
  • You’re going to feel 110% calm about your trading – no more frantic worrying in the middle of the night.
  • Just stop and think about that. How much time have you wasted worrying about trades? We’ll stop that forever.
  • You’re going to learn to extend your profit targets 2, 3, or even 5 times bigger
  • You’re going to learn how to overcome the 25 worst habits of most day traders
  • You’re going to learn how to balance your work life and your trading
  • You’re going to learn to avoid the mistakes that my friends and I made as we made the leap
  • You’re going to focus your trading on what makes you the most money
  • You’re going to feel the awesome power of throwing away what doesn’t work
  • You’re going to get the peace of mind from simplifying your charts
  • You’re going to get a plan and an income worksheet to literally plan out what you can make in 2012 from trading
  • You’ll have the secure knowledge of having a trading system with a 10-year track record
  • Your family will say, “Did you stop trading? You look so calm again.” But you’ll actually be trading more – just more successfully
  • You will have good days and bad days but you will be off the up and down trading roller coaster
  • You will definitely discover the 2 things that every single giant winning trade I’ve ever had in common
  • And that’s just a tiny, tiny fraction of a small percentage of a GIANT amount of knowledge I am going to pass on to you.

Testimonial from a member of our trading family:

“Man, do I love this tool (Bossilator). My live trade (BTU) is doing just fine – 85% on my money – gotta love that, better than any bank.” – Mike Scott


What can you learn about trading from a BLOODY notebook?

I bled all over my notebook. I was pressing on the page so hard, writing so many notes about how I would teach you this trading method in 2012, that I split open a nail on my finger and started bleeding on the page. It wasn’t a life-threatening injury, but I thought to myself: This is a good analogy. I want to give you everything I can in a trading course. I don’t want to hold anything back.

I decided, as I wiped the blood off my notebook pages, that the course had to give you some REALLY stunning benefits:

  1. It would be affordable, even for people with a small trading account who wanted to grow it fast
  2. It would offer a HUGE amount of hidden knowledge that other traders/gurus don’t want  you to know because it will make you self-sufficient and put them out of business
  3. It would be INSTANTLY applicable to stock trading, forex trading, and futures trading (and even for crazy options traders)
  4. It would offer support so you don’t feel alone or confused when you trade
  5. It would offer a massive guarantee so the risk would be on me instead of you

Why would I do this? Because I’m wealthy from my trading and I can do anything I want, and let me tell you what brings me GIANT BUCKETS OF HAPPINESS:  I love traders. I love traders more than any other people in the world. You are dedicated, ambitious, you want a better life for yourself. 

You should have the confidence of 10,000 warriors when you pull the trigger on a trade. The next 12 months should be hugely profitable for you.

I want to do something that no one else has ever done. I teach traders how to do this stuff because I wish I’d had a mentor like this when I first started. I also do it because I am a teacher. It’s a passion. One of my friends, Boris Schlossberg, the famous CNBC currency analyst once said, “Rob, you’re the best teacher of traders in the business.” It’s the highest praise that anyone could offer me. If I can make help make you the trader that your mother, wife, husband or children know you can be – then I will have done what I was supposed to do in this life. This is my life’s ambition: To teach you to trade with massive confidence and get what you want.

The program has 3 powerful elements:



70 Live Webinars (yes, I just added 20 more webinars – that’s nuts! No one would ever give you even 20 webinars about the tricks of professional traders, let alone a PREPOSTEROUSLY huge 70 webinars). During each live webinar, here is what we will do:

  • You will learn a new trading trick, technique, or strategy with live examples,
  • Then you’ll learn a hidden secret of trading psychology that you can’t get anywhere else,
  • Then you’ll receive a Risk Management Principles booster lesson that takes your profits into orbit,
  • Our first meeting is January 8, 2012.
  • We’ll meet on Sundays and Wednesdays  through the entire year – just do the math. We meet way more than the 50 times I’ve already mentioned.
  • Every webinar is recorded and you can watch them anytime, again and again, forever.


Learn from experts who show their trades


I’ve written and recorded a complete trading course that teaches you the main parts of the most profitable trading methods that I use. This course is ready for you right now, and you can watch it, read it, and access it immediately after you sign up.

  • 25+ video lessons,
  • Step-by-step trading system guides,
  • Entry and exit techniques,
  • Indicators and tools for your charts,
  • And we trade everything: stocks, futures, and forex – if you trade it, the course is going to help you trade it more profitably right now.


Strength to keep you on track


We’ll take what you learn and reinforce it and lock it down. With over 400+ traders from around the world, you’ll probably be able to meet someone within 50 miles of where you live who trades with us. Once you join the family of traders, you’ll trade with us, we’ll help you stay on track and get profits out of what you learn. It’s not just a self-serve course. It’s a family of people who stay in touch and who trade together.

  • An active forum with tons of active trade ideas every day so you can follow great traders (and contribute when you are ready to help others), and you can ask questions here too,
  • Live chat sessions online where we trade charts back and forth while I stream a presentation about the current market,
  • In-person get-togethers and meetings at trade shows and expos, so you can meet other traders,
  • Special presentations and webinars from members of our trading family who have been successful, so you can learn from traders who are already profiting from the lessons and webinars and who can help you, too

I am doing all of these things because in the last 10 years, I know that live instruction, clear lessons, and trader support are what makes the difference. I’m going all-out and leaving nothing out in this course. It’s the best training I’ve ever done. No one has ever been crazy enough to offer this much training at one low price. Why can I do it? Because I make money trading. And I teach because I love to do it. Why not do something so wild, so over the top, that I could change the lives of thousands of traders in 2012?

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Frequently Asked (and good) Questions

Common Questions - And Answers

1. What if you work full-time? You can still use our trading method. We do the webinars at all times of the day so you will find that we’ll be doing webinars when  you are available. And the method works on long time frame charts and even for quick trades too.

2. What if you trade options? Oh, yeah, then you are going to love what we are doing. You can trade stock or index options easily with our method.

3. What about stock and forex and commodities traders? We’ve got you covered. Each webinar includes examples from all of these markets. We publish a watchlist of 500 financial instruments every day – so you are going to know exactly what is set up and ready for you to trade.

4. What if you have a small trading account? You have to do the work to grow that account, and we’re going to help you. We’ve helped traders do this. Trading is risky. But you already know that. We can help you grow a small trading account. I’ve been helping traders do that for 10 years.

5. What if you are a beginner? Then you’re going to love the beginning lessons in the course. We’ll get you started, we’ll help you set up your charts, and you can avoid all the stupid mistakes that I made early in my trading career.

6. What if you are an advanced trader? Then I am going to show you styles of trading from other advanced traders, experts, money managers, and teach you how I grew a small trading account into a larger trading account and then into a really much bigger trading account…and if you are interested in one day managing money, I’ll teach you everything I did to set that up as well. I’m going to pass on to you every little bit of knowledge that I have so that you can make more progress, faster than I did.

7. Won’t this trading system “break” if too many people do it? First of all, there are 5 million traders in the United States alone. We have a small, exclusive group of traders who trade together. We are not in danger of telling too many people about what we do. We are a small, private, friendly group. Second, we are not trading a secret formula that will break if other people know. It’s just that simple. It’s been working for decades. It’s not going to stop working tomorrow, or the next day, or next year. Maybe it will stop working in 2022. By then we’ll already be doing something else together.

Why would I do any of this? Why would I teach this stuff?

Because I love traders. No one loves traders more than I do. I trade my own account, I manage money – but you know what I really do well? I teach traders to get the best from themselves and the most from the market. I am never going to stop teaching, even if it sometimes gets in the way of my own trading. It’s just what I am meant to do. Some people ask me: Why do I teach if I know how to trade. I teach because it makes me a better trader. I teach because this is how I meet the best traders in the world – people like you who grow into master traders. We all make each other better.


A price that made my wife say, “What the hell, Rob?”

You shouldn’t have to pay a zillion dollars to get this kind of training. That’s what I believe.

I’ve packed unbelievable value into one affordable program, with the support you need and the trading systems to do amazing things in your trading account, and guaranteed it.

When you click the blue “Add to Cart” button, here is what you receive instantly:

1. Over 50 live webinars in 2012 with me – a $3,999 value. It’s even more valuable than that. I will be your teacher. I’ll show you what you can do right now to make a huge difference in your trading. I usually sell out 2-day seminars for thousands of dollars. You’re going to get a 365-day seminar series from me, and it’s going to rip the face off anything I have ever taught or done before.

Here are the topics for just a small portion of our webinars:

  • The Surprise II Trade: Winners 10 times bigger than the losers
  • The trading strategy that trades once a week for huge gains
  • Risk management on steroids: How to stack trades on your winners
  • The 7 deadly mental mistakes that 99% of  traders make even after they’ve started trading profitably
  • How to automate trades and balance your work, family, and trading
  • How to balance your trading strategies so that winners on some trades outweigh the losers on the others
  • What’s more important – win percentage or average losing trade size? The answer might shock you
  • How to build a one-page trading plan that practically guarantees you’ll stay on track
  • How to motive yourself to stay on track every day
  • When, and how, to stop trading to save yourself the pain from costly (and sneaky) losses
  • And more…there are 50+ webinars and we’ll hit every topic hard, and look at live trades, and make you a better trader every time.

2. You get a complete trading course immediately – a $999 value. These are the best trading methods I have ever used, and you’ll have access in the next 5 minutes. You can start learning and using the systems right away. I call this course the “Bossilator” course because the “Bossilator” is the technique at the heart of all of my best trades. I’ll teach you this trick in the first 20 minutes of the course, and then teach you 10+ new trading strategies to go with it. You can move as fast or slow as you wish through the program.

3. You join an army of friendly, helpful, successful traders – This is PRICELESS. You cannot put a high enough value on this. How much is it worth to get help and support from thousands of traders around the world? You do not want to miss the opportunity to get the companionship and help that comes from traders helping each other to become better. This makes all the difference.

4. Lifetime access – And you get lifetime access to all the archives, all the lessons, all the training, indicators, systems, community features. So you have as long as you want to learn and re-learn and review. When you are 110 years old, and sitting on the porch with your grandkids, you are going to pull out your Apple iPhone 27 and show your grandkids the training course on my web site, because you’ll still have access to it.

The course is worth thousands of dollars –
I’ve filled seats at live 2-day seminars for $3,000 per person.

But I don’t want you to spend $3,000+ on this course.
I don’t even want you to spend $2,000.

For a very limited time, until January 1, the program is yours for a one-time investment of $499.

That’s a price worth screaming about. My wife even yelled over to me: YOU ARE NUTS FOR DOING ALL OF THIS FOR THAT LOW PRICE. She was right. She wants me to raise the price right away, but I am waiting just a bit longer.

The tuition goes up to $799 on January 1. On January 31, it rises up to $999. After that, I may not offer it at all.

You can join the program right now for less than the cost of most 1-day trading seminars where you hear the same B.S. repeated from the front of the room and everyone is falling asleep, and the teacher shows you ZERO live trades.

But you can even start the program right now for less than $499. And I’ll show you live trades. And you will never fall asleep during one of our outrageous webinars. Ever. I guarantee that.

Right now you can start the program for $197. I am not sh&##ng you. For real, that’s it.  Instead of the one-time payment, you can choose a payment plan and get started for $197 (and just make a total of 2 more payments of $197 each after that). I want the program to be available to anyone who is ready right now to make the change. I’ll hopefully sell out the course right away, and get started with the students who take advantage.

That’s why I’m offering just 10 seats for this rock-bottom investment, and then the price goes up (if I even keep it on sale at all).

Click the blue “Add to Cart” button below and grab your place in our family of traders.

But wait…I have something that makes this impossible for you to miss out on. Something that puts all the risk on me.

Satisfaction Guarantee 100% - Burst Badge Green

A Money-Back Guarantee? No Way.

Yes way. You are never going to get an offer for a training program with a 100% money-back guarantee. No where else. I am offering to teach you the entire program with a money-back guarantee. Once I give you this valuable knowledge, I can’t get it back!

Here is the guarantee:

If you complete the entire training program, and receive all of the webinars and powerful knowledge, and if you are not satisfied that you received your money’s worth, then simply let me know. Send me an email (here is my email address: and tell me you’re not satisfied. If you are not satisfied, then neither am I, and I’ll refund 101% (yep, you read that right, 101%) of the cost of the program, no questions asked. The risk is on me. I will deliver to you a training program that will make you more confident, more profitable, and give you the tools to attack the market in a way you never thought possible.

And if I can’t do that, I’ll refund 101% of the training investment. There is NO REASON standing in your way of taking your place among the traders who trade for a living. Click the blue “Add to Cart” button and let’s get started now.

“I thought Rob was crazy to offer a money-back guarantee. But he backs it up. It’s just who he is.”


Make a massive positive and lasting leap forward in your trading, so you can start 2012 off with a bang, and you can do it right now, and start the trading course today – and get yourself ready for 365 days of trading with me. The risk is on me with a complete 100% satisfaction guarantee. On the other side of that blue “Add to Cart” button, when you complete your order – I’ll have an introduction video waiting for you, with instructions on how to get moving fast.

So please click the blue “Add to Cart” button and let’s do it.

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