Welcome To The Bossilator.

by robbooker on September 25, 2011

A video welcome – and what to do next:

  • Orlando

    wow, I’m incredibly happy to begin this course with Rob, and all my new friends Traders, and sorry for my English, my native language is Spanish

  • george

    Your browser does not support iframes.

    what does this mean   how can i fix it to make it work

    how come i do not get my email alerts

    • George, email alerts are not active right now. We are still locked in the testing stage. I’ll update you soon.

  • Rod Allerton

    Is Bossilator compatible with Infinity AT charting system, which is run on Sierra charts

    • Rod, are “custom” indicators available for Sierra charts? If that’s possible, then yes, I’ll have it programmed and available for your charts. Just put me in touch with whomever you work with at the charting program company and I can follow up.

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